Born in Iran and raised in New York, Afruz Amighi typically incorporates religious and political symbols in traditional geometric and foliate designs adapted from Islamic art. His Lantern is the first in her series of shadow installations in which she projects light onto a hand-cut stencil sheet of polyethylene, or Pe-Cap, the plastic sheeting often given to refugees. Here, she uses the format of an Iranian prayer rug with a central arch representing the niche, or mihrab, in a mosque as a starting point. A prominent crystal chandelier replaces a mosque lamp with flames rising up to form the name of Allah, stylized into the shape of a tulip. Miniature skeleton keys hang from the chandelier, representing the martyrs of the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s.

Afruz Amighi’s His Lantern (2006) at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

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Sun K. Kwak - Enfolding 280 Hours. Masking tape (2009)

source : Brooklyn Museum

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Sometimes it’s okay for artists to repeat themselves. I just want to dive into that first one.

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Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook - Two Planets/Village and Elsewhere (2008-12)

“Every life is in search of a narrative… For the storytelling impulse is, and always has been, a desire for a certain ‘unity of life’. In our own postmodern era of fragmentation and fracture…narrative provides us with one of our most viable forms of identity - individual and communal’” - Richard Kearney

Two Planets/Village and Elsewhere is about the village (the here) and elsewhere (the there) and how stories link people across continents, cultures and even time-periods.

Rasdjarmrearnsook brought some visitors from elsewhere to her village in northern Thailand. The visitors came in the form of unfamiliar paintings and they told stories from long ago and far away: of dances in Parisian cafés, nude picnics and haymaking. These paintings by Renoir, Manet, and Van Gogh prompted the villagers to share their own stories.”

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Patrick Hübschmann | Facebook (Germany) - Frost

Baden-Baden-based designer and photographer Patrick Hübschmann mainly focused on nature and landscape photography. He has built, according to Christopher O’Donnell of Photography Blogger, a reputation for creating strong, soulful images that explore the deeper emotion behind a scene.

[more Patrick Hübschmann | artist found at devidsketchbook]

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